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Maidaid C351 Glasswasher

Maidaid C351 Glasswasher



  • NEW! soft touch controls with bright LED display. 
  • Selectable energy saving mode. 
  • Selectable thermostop mode ensures optimum rinse temperatures. 
  • Twin traffic lights give indication of machine status. 
  • Three standard cycles options. 
  • Automatic self cleaning. 
  • Both detergent and rinse aid dosed by reliable peristaltic pumps. 
  • Self diagnostics. 
  • Optional Drain Pump on request.
  • Partial double skin for noise and heat loss reduction.
  • CALL US FOR BEST PRICE 01536 416390

Rack size 350mm

Usable height 255mm

Dimensions W400 x D480mm x H630mm*

Cycle time 90-120-150

Power 2.9kw

Amps required 13

*Height excludes feet which will add 10-20mm


Code Details
Glass C351 Maidaid C351 Glasswasher

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